• Dec 5

    In my mind t)(ere’s memories of us,
    It’s been many sweeps since I’ve felt like t)(is
    It’s painful and still cold
    Like every memory

    Once upon a tide I remember
    We once ruled t)(e seas toget)(er
    But now a pale diamond
    Is slowly fading far awave

    I’ve always tried my best to keep you in your proper mind.
    But did you ever )(elp me like I did?

    Our moments pass me by as I t)(ink aboat our future
    And I wonder if you even care,-Eridan

    I feel in my c)(est a strange pain I know is )(ere to stay
    I gave you my )(ope and in turn you destroyed it
    I cannot deny even t)(oug)( you’re somew)(ere far away
    I clearly )(ear your voice like you’re still by my side

    T)(e past t)(at we )(ad will alwaves keep reminding me
    T)(at you were once a decent troll I knew too
    I know t)(at I’ll never s)(ake t)(is remorse from my )(eart
    It’s now a new part of me I’ll soon be used to

    I know it won’t c)(ange your mind
    And I’m no )(ero of Time
    But maybe if I went back
    Could I,)(ave c)(anged you?

    I moved on and made room in my )(eart
    Met a boy,and making a new start.
    And now I’m doing w)(ale
    )(e’s special I can tail

    All t)(e pain,all t)(e )(urt now gone forever
    No reason to cry never ever
    And so my )(eart’s w)(oleĀ  again
    -Exactly like it was back t)(en

    But wit)( every passing moment I spend wit)( )(im I know,
    I can )(ear your voice calling out my name
    I know I can’t replace t)(e memories we s)(ared
    T)(ey will always be wit)( me forever

    I can’t say a lie t)(oug)( I’ll try to put my mind to rest
    W)(y can’t I go a w)(ole day wit)(out worrying of you?
    Alt)(oug)( you are gone
    In my )(eart you will forever be
    I only wis)( I could be t)(e one w)(o makes you smile

    We’ve finally reac)(ed t)(e breaking point of our story
    It’s not)(ing personal I promise I still care

    No matter w)(at )(appens in t)(is crazy game we’re playing
    Please promise we’ll alwaves stay t)(e best of fronds 38)

    (All we gotta do is
    Just be fronds
    It’s tide to say goodbye)

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